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Personal data protection policy

The attached Privacy Policy explains how we use your personal data generated on this site. The policy for protection of personal data also regulates the right to privacy and security of personal data that are the subject of the processing. The personal data protection policy refers to the website Disclosures in the Privacy Policy may be modified and any changes will be recorded. In doing so, we invite you to review the privacy policy, whenever you visit our website in order to find out the latest changes regarding the use of your personal data. The collection of personal data on this website is following the regulations for personal data protection.
Personal Data Protection Officer: Elena Angelovska,
Email :
Phone: (+389) 02 3163 740

Any visitor or user of this website may at any time contact our Personal Data Protection Officer directly for any questions or suggestions regarding the protection of personal data.

Gathering information

The personal data voluntarily submitted by our visitors: name, surname, delivery address, contact telephone number and e-mail address, are collected and used in order to deliver the order to the end-user. This information will only be used for the purpose of fulfilling the orders, unless you provide us with permission for another purpose, such as adding you to our promotional database. We give visitors the opportunity to choose, including the opportunity at any time to withdraw their permission to process their personal data for promotional purposes. Personal data will be stored in a form that allows identification of the personal data subject, no longer than necessary to meet the purposes for which the data is collected for further processing, after which they are deleted and destroyed.

Payment details

The data you enter during the payment or purchase, from your payment card is not stored or transferred through our servers. Transactions are processed through the payment processing system of the bank we work with - Stopankska Banka which is certified for processing transactions. At the moment when you make the payment and enter the data, they are processed through the security protocol of the bank using and the data from your payment card are not visible to us.

Information on personal data protection policy

If you want to ask a question or send a comment to our personal data protection policy, send us a message to the e-mail address:

Announcement for changes

Use of our services implies consent of the user to the stated terms of use. This Privacy Policy may be amended at any time. We are committed to adhering to all of the above. If there is a change in our personal data protection they will be written in this privacy statement. The privacy changes will take effect immediately upon posting on this website.

Protect your account

Your password is the key to your account. Your username and password should be different and known only to you. If your username is identical to your password, it is possible to easily use your login identity in the system. Use numbers, letters and special characters and do not reveal your password to anyone. If you lose control of your password, you also lose control of your personal information and may become subject to legal action taken on your behalf. Therefore, if your password is compromised for any reason, let us know immediately and change the password.

“Cookies” / Tracking technology

This website uses "cookies" and tracking technology depending on the forms offered in order to help users to adapt the use of the Internet to their needs and to provide conveniences that will save you time. Cookies and tracking technology are useful for gathering information such as browser type and operating system, tracking the number of visitors to a website and its use by visitors. The collection and processing of data is done with your consent and acceptance of our tool for "cookies". Personal data can not be collected through cookies.

Providing personal data for use

Under conditions and to the extent permitted by the Law on Personal Data Protection and with the authorization given by the Controller, your personal data may be made available for use by state bodies or other institutions. Namely, it is about the following possible situations:
• Permit required by law;
• Protection against existing or potential fraud or unauthorized transaction;
• Investigation of fraud that is already happening.

Obligation for confidentiality and protection of personal data

Your personal information is securely protected from loss, destruction, forgery and unauthorized access. Only authorized employees have access to this information. The transfer of personal data is protected by appropriate methods, so that they will not be legible during the transfer and protected according to the risk and nature of the data being transferred. In order to prevent unauthorized access and misuse of personal data, all necessary technical and organizational measures for personal data protection will be taken.

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