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The company PЕКО DOO Skopje, which is part of the Peko group, has existed on the Macedonian market since 1992 and for the entire period shows positive financial results. Based on the official data from the state institutions, Peko DOO Skopje from 1998 until 2007 was among the 200 most successful companies in Macedonia, which participates with 15% in the total revenue at the branch level.
To satisfy the needs of its customers, PЕКО DOO Skopje is a representative of several brands, including well-known ones such as: Ciciban, Planika, Paar, IMAC, Nicola Benson, Stefano, Fly Flot, Ara, Gabor, Zen, Alpina, Clarks, Obuća Marko, Urban fly, Walker flex, Atrai, Alberola, Girza, Legero, Fantasy, Mubb, etc. Likewise, in our offer you can find the models of well-known brands such as: Bugatti, Bueno, Puma, Pierre Cardin, Reebok, Skechers, Rider, etc.
The motto for the success of this company is its vision for investing in its employees and their continuous education.


PЕКО DD Trzic is one of the leading companies in the shoe industry both in Slovenia and in other former Yugoslav territories and Europe. PЕКО DD Trzic was founded by the famous Slavic merchant and manufacturer Petar Kozina on March 25, 1903. As a sign of gratitude and remembrance, PEKO uses the first two letters of his name and surname. This company is a well-known manufacturer of quality and elegant footwear, and today it places its products in Macedonia, Croatia, Serbia, and elsewhere in Europe. In addition, to manufacture, the first owner of PEKO opened the first store in Ljubljana in 1921, in Belgrade and Zagreb in 1925, and in Skopje in 1950. In its heyday, PEKO had about 5,000 employees, manufacture 4,000,000 pairs of footwear, 60% of which were for export.
After the break-up of the former Yugoslav republic, PEKO DD Trzic in Macedonia formed a separate company in order to place its products on the Macedonian market.

Information about our company

Name: Company for wholesale and retail trade export- import PEKO DOO Skopje
Address: GTC Kej 13-ti Noemvri 2/7, Skopje, Republic of North Macedonia
Contact number: 02/3163-740
Website: www.peko.com.mk
Email: pekoskopje@t.mk
Activity: Retail sale of footwear and leather goods in specialized stores
Tax number: MK4030992259800

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